A Rarebird living authentically Through her work....

Robyn is a highly accomplished international artist and business coach, she has an intuitive coaching venture “The Holy Grail Program .” Which is a part of her ArtMythos: Project, using this system for over 30 years, Robyn has trained artists and creative professionals. Her Holy Grail is a process of communication and visualization that helps artists focus and organically find their visual language and brand themselves. She has worked with several high-profile people including Dionne Warwick, Susan L. Taylor, editor of Essence Magazine; Ed and Carolyn Lewis, owners of Essence Publications; Dorothy Height, and Terrie Williams, author/publicist.

Trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Method, she is a Reiki Master working with clients to move and unblock creative energy, helping them get to the foundation of who they are as artists and creative(s). She uses her knowledge of energy flow as a life force to obtain a visual experience so artists and creatives can clearly answer personal direction and style questions.

“As an Artist, Healer and Arteomythologist, Telling stories and helping others to heal is at the core of who I am and what I feel called to do. It embraces all that I am inspired to share with the world”.

ArtMythos:, is a part of several projects and narratives. As a Mixed Media Artist she tells stories and encourages others to do the same through the visual context of her paintings. “As a Healer and Reiki Master I help others to shed old stories and help encourage them to be replaced by stories that are empowering and/or self directed and not burdened upon them through cultural mores and family histories.” And as an Arteomythologist, Robyn leads Retreats and Workshops that combine the Visual Arts and Energetic Healing to help others find their voice their story, to be able to move forward and recognize an more authentic life.