Robyn McClendon
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                                                               The Sacred Womb of Chalice Waters

                                                               The Sacred Womb of Chalice Waters

The Holy Grail Reclaimed

The Holy Grail Reclaimed  ~ The Path of the Heart is an incredibly beautiful gift from the mother.  A sacred ceremony for the womb.  Light workers everywhere and those who are the path of love recognize an extreme need to to assist the planet, the mother, in the restoration of our beloved cosmology.  For many of us that means restoring right relationship with our besides, our vessels. The Divine Feminine was removed from our cultures without explanation.  The mother understands that so much of this sacred knowledge was lost and all that has survived are bits and fragments, of a powerful partnership of the female and male relationships that once graced her surface.  As the mother cleanses, releases, restores and regenerates the planet she wants to renew the Goddess in us all.  This 6 week course was channeled directly from the mother in a series of meditations and written sessions.  She took me through this very journey teaching and healing me along the way.  Now she is bringing this forth as a gift to you, trusting that she has already spoken to a touch the hearts of those who are ready to move forward with her.  This is the time set aside for this expansion.

The Holy Grail Reclaimed is a process to clear and restore the womb to powerful energetic signatures and vibrations and establishing patterns of creativity and abundance.  The intention is to reclaim the seat of the soul, a place for powerful manifestation.