The Sacred Circles of the Rose Oracle Deck

The Sacred Circles of the Rose Oracle Deck


This new Oracle deck which I designed and refer to as Speakers Decks, has been largely inspired by my own artwork as well as many years as a healer and Reiki Master.  For 20+ years, I have been aware that my artwork carries an energy that is self-aware and can open the viewer up to their own personal dialogue.

The images are from a series of monoprints I created that now forms the bases of the oracle deck, a speakers deck as it interacts with your own inner knowing to express answers to questions that already exist in your field of understanding, so in essence they confirm your knowing.

Several years ago, as a part of my own spiritual journey, I brought forth these images in a marathon session in my studio.  At the time, I did realize that they were to become an oracle cards series, though I had never created nor thought about creating oracle cards.   However, it took two years after the images were painted, for me to be prompt to pick up the images and transcribe the story they each told to accompany each image.


The Sacred Circles of the Rose Oracle deck, was created and channeled in the tradition of many Oracle Card systems that have come before it.

Yet in many ways I would dare to say this deck is unique in its imagery and method in which the deck speaks to the user.
This system uses the age old tradition of "imaging stories" to deliver its message.  The user must first connect with the abstract nature of the images, much like rorschach ink blots, to intuitively experience their initial messages.  Then using the supporting text that was channeled for each card as an additional message, to what has been previously received through intuition.

The purpose of this deck is to stimulate, the users intuition, and personal abilities to recognize patterns and actions appropriate to daily action and expansion.
This deck will also strengthen the users connection to the deep pool of creative expression, connecting and opening the Heart, Third Eye and Womb Chakras.

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A powerful channeled Oracle card deck, in a downloadable format.  You will receive an E Book along with 36 oracle cards to begin using as you would other Angel card and Oracle decks that you are accustomed to.

Print on a heavy card stock, set your printer to print both the front and back, only 5 sheets in a PDF format so you can resize to fit any paper dimensions selected.