The Holy Grail Reclaimed...The Path of the Heart E Course

The Holy Grail Reclaimed...The Path of the Heart E Course


“Robyn McClendon’s course The Holy Grail Reclaimed - Path of the Heart is an experience that is unique and long lasting. I’m not a big online course person, but this class is the first one I’ve taken that I wish would never end.”
Celia Fulton Walden

I highly recommend this course as a way of unlocking and unblocking our creative journey in life.”
Linda Lube

This course is designed for Artists, Lightworkers and those Souls who know that they are awakening to a deeper aspect of themselves and want to discover more while becoming a part of a community of like minded journeyers.  At $425.00 the course is 6 weeks and packed full with 18 modules and lots of ongoing support in my Secret Facebook Group, only the participants of this e-course can gain access.

You will experience learning to "image stories", like the Divine Goddesses of the past, using the elements of art and creativity to new discoveries.  I realize that this may not be the course for everyone but working with so many Creatives in my ArtMythos workshops, I'm sure that many of you are ready to delve deeper into creating the work you love on a soul level.
This is the Course for You!

The Holy Grail Reclaimed ~ The Path of the Heart ~ is an incredibly beautiful gift from the Mother. A sacred ceremony for the womb. Artists, Creative and Light workers everywhere and those who are on the path of love recognize an extreme need to assist the planet, the Mother, in the restoration of our beloved cosmology. For many of us that means restoring right relationship with our own bodies, our vessels. The Divine Feminine was removed from our cultures without explanation. The Mother understands that so much of this sacred knowledge was lost and all that has survived are bits and fragments, of a powerful partnership of the female and male relationships that once graced her surface.

As the Mother cleanses, releases, restores and regenerates the planet she wants to renew the Goddess relationships in us all. This 6 week course was channeled directly from the Mother in a series of meditations and written sessions. She took me through this very journey, teaching and healing me along the way. Now she is bringing this forth as her gift to you, trusting that she has already spoken to, and touched the hearts of those who are ready to move forward with her.
This is the time set aside for this expansion, of the Heart.

The Holy Grail Reclaimed uses the techniques of meditation, journaling and daily rituals to clear and restore the womb with powerful energetic signatures and vibrations to establish patterns of creativity and abundance. The intention is to reclaim the seat of the soul, a place for powerful manifestation.

I Invite You to Join me in an Incredible Creative Journey...

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