Kuba Cloth E Book of Printables

Kuba Cloth E Book of Printables


I'm so glad to have been able to assemble this unique collection of African Kuba cloth. I have saved and cherished these fibers over the years using them in my own work, decorating my home with them and enjoying their beautiful abstract Jazz like patterns.

Because the tapestries in their full form range 3 to 10 feet in length and 2 feet wide on average they are very expensive, hard to get and generally you wouldn't want to cut them up! Fortunately a number of years back a friend and fellow artist used them in her wearable art collections that she sold for several thousand per garment and could justify the costs. I bartered for her scraps as well as I've collected my own full length tapestries over the years.

As I wanted to begin moving this vast collection of "mend" sized pieces into the hands of others who would appreciate and enjoy using them, I decided to create bundles of various global ethnic fabrics to include this special selection. Still not satisfied I decided to carefully scan a cross section of the collection in the form of these printables that can be downloaded and used over and over again as I do myself, and ultimately being able to share more fully with you all!

You are free to use these in your art any way you'd like including art that you plan to sell! I only ask that you do not reproduce the book for resale...Thank you.

Please Enjoy!

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