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       … about discovering the YOU in your Passion

“Today you are you,
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is youer than you.”
               Dr. Suess

Did you know that one of the top 5 fears people have in business, that stops them from pursuing what they're passionate about, is not believing they can be successful doing what they love?

Even if you do believe you can do it, how can you stand apart from the sea of people trying to do the same thing as you?

Those who are successfully making a career out of their passions have learned how to set themselves apart from the masses.
If you are asking yourself…
    •    How do I stand out among the competition?
    •    How do I attract my tribe?
    •    How do I stay relevant in this fast paced world?

Then you are right where I was some years back when I was comforted with my own determination to make a life worth living as an artist…A good life!

The biggest challenge I discovered is that I simply needed to learn exactly who I was, at the core. I needed to distinguish what really makes me different from others who are doing what I'm doing.   I call it the "Picasso Revelation".  We all bring a unique vision to the game, but we need to clearly identify that for ourselves first. If you aren’t clear on what your gifts are, others won’t be either.

I’ve spent many years designing and implementingtechniques that have worked for me and countless other creatives.

It can work for you, too.

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