Launching June 1!

  This is an ongoing membership Studio Class...participants can attend monthly with email prompts, videos and live streams.                                                                                                       LAUNCHING JUNE 1

This is an ongoing membership Studio Class...participants can attend monthly with email prompts, videos and live streams.
                                                                                                      LAUNCHING JUNE 1

This New Online Membership based Class at $25/month will explore the techniques of art journaling to create an art diary that represents ideas generated over the course of a year. I also often referred to it as "365 days in the life of a journal" because that was exactly the mindset that I used to develop consistency and commitment to my own art. 

I wanted more ideas and techniques that helped me to create the kind of work that floated around in my head but seemed difficult to create.  I found that I needed more play time, I need to give my self permission to make mistakes and to learn from the mistakes that often become happy accidents.

This past year I was invited by Cloth Paper Scissors to talk about this technique and the ways it has helped me as an artist…

      “How can you challenge yourself to create more art and improve your craft? Having a consistent daily habit of creativity is certainly helpful, and a growing number of mixed-media artists are participating in daily art challenges to help inspire and grow their artistic skills. In this article from our November/December 2016 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, artist Robyn McClendon shares her 365-day project to create a collage a day. Plus, she shares one fun technique she used for creating a collage.”    Natalie Nettles Paper, Cloth, Scissors

ArtMythos: Telling Our Stories is a project that has come out of the practice of creating a collage a day.  It is an outgrowth of many years of bookbinding and using journals to capture ideas for various projects. Oftentimes I would fill these journals with ideas and then abandon them, only to start another one months later—all this in the hopes of challenging myself to higher levels of creativity and consistency in my art.

Artists frequently hear that we must work daily, challenging themselves to push their craft. This is very true, and yet I discovered that not many artists, including working artists, have created a separate discipline that is designed solely to challenge their creative mind on a daily basis. This practice should not include current projects, deadlines, or upcoming projects. Rather, it should be an easy time for working ideas and techniques.

As an adjunct professor at the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design in Washington, D.C., and a resident associate in the Smithsonian Institute museum system, I was always searching for ways to encourage more innovative work ideas and techniques from my students. I would use many of the ideas that I found personally demanding, and that seemed to help me be more consistent as an artist. One of my biggest challenges was innovation. I have learned that consistency is the Achilles heel of most creatives. Many of the daily techniques I use now come from these early days of personal challenge.

I’m excited to share so much of the knowledge that I have gained over the years as an artist and professor in this wonderfully easy and relaxed Art Diaries Classes.  You will receive weekly prompts, technique videos and live talk sessions to help inspire your creativity time and to not only to expand, through sharing ideas and techniques, your personal art style and language, but also the idea that we are Telling Our Stories when we create.  This idea of a string of dialogue that runs through out our work will help with continuity and consistency as we work.